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Content is the need

Why a popular statement 'Content is the king' should rather be replaced by a more mundane 'Content is the need', in other words, how content marketing became the need, and not an additional advantage in the marketing strategy.

Did a professionally prepared content (or a content of communication materials of the brand) become not only an asset but an obligation imposed on the largest brands operating on the global scale and communicating with millions of its recipients?


Does popular storytelling apply only to well-known brands, associated with products presented through the prism of history and inducing great emotions such as Coca-Cola or Redbull?


Of course not!

We’re living in times when recipients lack only one thing: time! For this reason, producers of advertising materials fight for their attention using, first of all, two strategies – shock and stupor or challenge and commitment. Not all messages can be based on mechanisms evoking so strong emotions, since it’d give rise to a planet of trembling hysterics. In view of this, a key value for all materials promoting the brand is their credibility.




Why small and medium enterprises should also take into account and follow the assumptions of content marketing? How will they benefit?

1. Generating sales leads – a perfectly designed and credible content increases an opportunity that a potential client will be more eager to initiate contact with the company. Even if the client will not purchase the product, he/she may seek more information (newsletter, subscription, etc.) and decide to buy it at a later time. And then everything in the hands of the sales department.

2. Increasing the communication range – often in an organic manner, without additional funds for promotion, as a result of recommendations, client likes or using other channels.

3. Building the image of a specialist in its trade – a high-quality content, available e.g. on the website, supported by credible and real recommendations of already obtained (and satisfied) clients, is the best recipe for building this image.

4. Increasing sales possibilities – presenting the company's business idea (also defined using an underestimated word 'mission'), as well as characterising the offer using the language of benefits to be achieved by a potential client. We’re describing what problems one may solve or avoid instead of presenting bare tables with product parameters.

5. Supporting other marketing and sales tools – the last but not least important aspect. A unique and high-quality content fully supports other tools, say, websites, which often radically change their face and their impact on the client. At the same time, they increase the attractiveness of the service in web search engines and, consequently, the position in search results.

The list of the most important benefits of content marketing expressly shows how much our business position may change, if we change our approach to building our image. Such transformations operate on any scale and apply not only to large corporations, but also to small companies.


It’s worth remembering that we address our content to real persons. After all, the notion of 'client', so favoured by sales teams, is more than merely someone who seeks to satisfy a particular need, and the content should meet it, not talk it up.

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