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A Letter to C.

We have all once written letters to Santa Claus and had no particular problem with it, so why should writing a Holiday letter to the client cause us any trouble?

Happy Holidays, best wishes... It's easy to guess the topic of this article.

Christmas Holidays are an extraordinary time that we associate mainly with family, homely warmth, presents. Holiday elements and permanent values make up this special atmosphere, which we sometimes fail to bring into the office. When you are buried under a pile of reports, charts and deadlines, imagine your boss decorating the Christmas tree – it warms your heart, doesn't it?

During the Christmas period, every company wants to give its clients something more than just a special offer, so you should think about this right now to avoid last minute Christmas.

There are many ideas, but I am going to describe just a few selected ones, combining the elements of tradition and modern design:

• Paper card – is probably one of the most popular forms of greetings, so I understand if you're not surprised. Holiday cards in the traditional, paper form are still a very significant sign of your memory of the customers. It's always nice to get such a cards and I think that it is a good investment.

• Online card – it works the same way as its paper counterpart, however, it doesn't contain wishes addressed to a specific person, but to the group of all your customers or website visitors.

• Animation/video – this form allows for adding effects that will engage more senses of the user, thanks to which it will be remembered for a long time. You may also record a short clip, where the company's president gives his best wishes to the clients. This will certainly positively affect the image of your company.

• Tangible gift – you can give it both to your employees and to clients, but I would be cautious in the second case, as the Clients may perceive your gift completely differently than you would expect, and that's not what you want at all. Best gifts are the ones individually selected, but it is difficult to find something that is appropriate for everyone you want to give a gift to, so you may consider doing a competition. It sounds unoriginal, but in reality it's a great solution: you organise a campaign in the social media "What is your Holiday wish?" and try to make those wishes come true - within the budget, of course. You would feel honoured, if you received something specially prepared for you, wouldn't you?

As you can see, there are many ideas for showing your clients how important they are to you. I only described the most popular and, at the same time, the most traditional ones. Once you take care of your customers, think about your loved ones and make the Holidays exceptional also for them.

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