Not only for Investors

CCC – the leader of the Polish shoe market entrusted us with designing a corporate website and investor relations. This is the first and most important source of the company's communication with investors, as well as a group of business clients. With this communication platform, CCC may conduct an open information policy also in digital media.


First, there was a thorough process of briefing, then the department of strategy did its work, and the hard drives of our computers were filled with a substantial amount of benchmarks. The information system and the structure determined the main elements of prioritization of information, and the creative department could begin its work.  Dedicated sections for specific target groups - Investor Relations, Career, and Media, take into account individual requirements of each of these groups. Particularly noteworthy is the Career department thanks to which CCC can effectively carry out activities in the field of employer branding. All this is covered by the CMS, through which the client can edit its website content.

Key attributes:

  • CCC in numbers – the company's assets in an accessible form
  • solutions taking into account investors' individual requirements
  • the Career department constitutes a guide for candidates to work in CCC
  • responsive Web Design.