Moët & Chandon

Girls like pink!


Independent, emancipated, bold. They know what they want and how to get it. They celebrate each occasion and have a thousand reasons to affirm the moment. How to come through to them? By preparing communication that doesn't stray from pink!

Moet ROSE is an exclusive champagne adored by both women and men (though this fact is admitted only by the ladies). Our client asked us to create an expressive message that would not only emphasise the unique nature of the product, but also show women how important they are for the manufacturer.


We knew that our target group shares many differences, but one similarity: their love for life and having fun with other women. It was certain that if something was to divide the ladies, it certainly wouldn't be pink! Our creative team thus created the slogan GIRLS GO ROSE, which was soon reflected in the designed key visual. Good fun, fashion, music, and partying with friends became the leading theme of our "6 weeks with ROSE", during which the brand spoke to women and about women.

The developed communication was supported not only by actions in the digital space, but also by a number of sales tools in the off-trade and on-trade channels. The key visual was manifested in such sales forms as: store windows, stands, pallet wraps, inserts in menus of elegant clubs, and dedicated store shelves. During the six weeks, the Moet brand communication was in the pink and we had an opportunity to once again implement a project that reached beyond the standard way an interactive agency is perceived.