Belvedere Vodka

Let's Make It Cool!


We have often heard that the times of Facebook's Eldorado are long gone. However, instead of nostalgic sighs, we prefer to motivate ourselves to search for new solutions.

Today, we want to boast about a unit of social implementations for the brand, which looks like a breath of fresh air. For some time, we have been cooperating with Belvedere Vodka, above all, preparing creations and technical solutions in the form of applications in the most popular social network in Poland. In spite of the ringing bells every now and again sounding the end of subsequent eras: content marketing, buzz marketing, video marketing, etc., we use the tools reasonably, focusing, above all, on organisation of space in such manner as to ensure that using this space is a pleasant and cognitively effective experience.


All original tabs we've prepared use the mechanisms engaging the users in different ways; the users can browse reports on club events (Party Goers) in a form other than a traditional album, familiarise with excellent Polish bartenders being the brand's ambassadors (#belvederestyle), as well as make use of unique carnival ideas for crazy events (coming soon!). This way, we transfer the strategies implemented by the brand in the offline world to the online world, and through digital tools, we give them a new life in the virtual world.


See our projects and use the application on the Belvedere Vodka fan page!