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HR + SM = <3


The strategies of building the image of a good employer are based mainly on good relations with employees: current, former and potential. Employer branding in the digital version becomes a useful tool. The more specifically it's profiled, the faster we achieve the intended results. If recruitment is our goal, we can use the most currently popular social medium to reach selected recipients. 

Contrary to what we might expect, we don't need to duplicate content and push up job ads; instead, we can in a simple and clear manner post them on Facebook in a separate tab. A perfect example is the application Dołącz do nas (Join Us), which we created for ING Services Polska. Firstly, everything is in one place, since the application is made up of three supplementary parts: Why ITP, Recruitment Guidelines and Job Ads. Secondly, it constitutes support for the employer's EVP (namely for the "code of ethics" he promotes; the Employer Value Proposition). It's enough to take a look at the content of advertisements to grasp the values promoted by ING SP. Thirdly, it saves time of both sides of the recruitment process: job offers are generated directly from the website, and the application wizard allows for preparing a response to the selected ad in the blink of an eye and sending it from Facebook.

The application can be found at: