Flagowa Kraina

Flagship Work


Work on the service of Flagowa Kraina is a flagship example of how analytics goes hand in hand with a design.

Flagowa Kraina is the European leader in production and sales of flags, banners, large-format printing and display elements. We started the cooperation from a reliable and deepened analysis concerning the sales potential. Based on the results, we determined locations where the offer raises the largest interest, and hence, where should we obtain new leads from. Precise tools allowed us to simultaneously expand and reduce marketing activities; we designated both new spaces of message receipt, as well as details concerning the most active visitors. We analysed the data in terms of rejection rate, as well as a traffic made up of bots.



Detailed analyses of different factors and website elements allowed us to develop a personalised model of a new website which is an answer to the change of the business model of our clients. Thus, the main assumption of our actions was to develop a marketing tool allowing us to obtain and service new clients, as well as to cooperate with those already obtained. The website is promoted by a system which allows our counterparties to handle orders online.



It is available at: www.flagowakraina.pl.