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In today's techno-reality, it's not enough simply to present the product and offer its transport and installation in a bundle. Specialists from the APA Group know about this. They first "test" their products on potential buyers in a descriptive laboratory.

 In turn, we, as marketing communication specialists, have created the frames for this laboratory, its virtual walls and passages thanks to which the new type of content is perfect as an element of the company's self-promotion, a sales instrument, and as tool for the popularization of science and technology (R&D sector, APA is cooperating with technology universities from the Silesia region). Our innovative product, known as the Content Hub, was strictly customized to the customer's needs, and so it serves many functions at once, providing the visitors with comprehensive "services".


The APA LAB project, appreciated by "Forbes", is an innovative content platform containing popularization content related to modern technologies. APA experts, with Artur Pollak - the CEO, as the head, face "topics of the future" and use both the content and the form of communication to show that the future is here today and is already at our doorstep.


This "content laboratory" is an interactive website which makes it possible to "test" the topics on recipients mainly via the social media. Posts from the social media are taken directly to the platform. 'The platform includes interviews with the trade's practitioners, presentations of the most interesting innovations or reports from the largest fairs and trade events in the world', says Artur Pollak to Forbes.


It's worth visiting the APA LAB even if you don't immediately need any product from the leader of smart industrial automation systems. It contains knowledge on more and less futuristic visions of the future which anyone of us may use in our everyday lives.


You can read more about our leading product, the content hub, here: Content_Hub_by_NoMonday. The APA LAB platform may be found at: //apagroup.pl/apalab/.