Take Aegon for holidays


The lucidity of the announcement, graphic vision and the idea - these elements settled that Aegon used our campaign for the promotion of Travel insurance. 

There were few creative lines made for the campaign and two of them were used in the promotion. First one was typically winter and responded to clients’ needs who were choosing going skiing at that time. The second  - the summer one, was addressed to the group which was spending holidays in warmer corners of the world. Advertising was prepared in the formats that met requirements of the media plan, taking into account the specificity of the target group. Considering the advertising conversion, clear and effective message was the clue as we attracted attention of the users with a creative combination of graphics and slogan. At the same time in the creations there were main advantages of the insurance distinguished, while the call to action elements enabled getting know the details of the offer on the landing page, which is the campaign’s target page.