Market Planet it is one of the most renowned purchase platforms functioning in the B2B sector. Constant services from NoMonday exceed in this case (not only) the scope of works typical of interactive agencies. A comprehensive presentation of the customer's branding gave us the possibility to suggest solutions exceeding the digital channels.

The internet and the new media, as the leading communication channels, are not a limitation for the team for whom the most important thing is the customer's final result. The selection of tools and an effective combination of communication channels is the basis of effective branding. The specific nature of Market Planet's sales operations showed the need to generate materials intended for various communication channels to an even greater extent.


We designed an entire set of image and sales materials where the majority were materials to be printed.

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One of the unusual challenges we faced was a task consisting in designing (along with the copy layer) branding stickers intended for computer cases. As you can easily imagine, the original nature of such graphic layouts is key for the customers to place them on their equipment they use every day. 


Numerous materials supporting sales, for instance product presentation. 



Market Planet's frequent activity at various types of conferences, and thus the possibility to have direct meetings with potential customers, generated the demand to create a stand. Both the concept and the design was the responsibility of NoMonday. 


There were also materials intended for the digital media, for instance typical branding materials, like graphic templates used by the client in social media, and conference mailings.


 Social media - grafika