Belvedere Vodka

Belvedere Single Estate Rye - communication of super premium vodkas


Terroir - word coming from the French language. Roughly speaking, it means the vicinity, a number of geographical and climatic factors which affect the unique flavor of food products - for example wine, whisky or cheese. So far nobody has connected it with the production of vodka. So far...

Belvedere Vodka is an iconic brand which doesn't need a presentation. There are few products among strong alcoholic beverages based on rye which match its quality and flavor. This alcohol, produced in Poland but renowned worldwide, refers to a 600-year tradition of distilling vodka in Poland and sets standards for the trade. Therefore, it's not surprising that this brand was the first which decided to use the terroir concept in this product category and to show how the origin of rye affects the flavor of alcohol. That's how a series of two unique Belvedere Single Estate Rye vodkas was created. NoMonday supported their promotion campaign in the digital media.


Both vodkas were created from the exceptional rye Dańkowskie Diament, cultivated only in two farms in different regions of Poland. The slender and delicate flavor of Belvedere Lake Bartężek is determined by the glacial, raw climate of the Mazury lakes. In turn, the full, expressive flavor of Belvedere Smogóry Forest is determined by warm summers and green forests of the Lubuskie province.


We used the extraordinary history of the place, the people and the climate to tell a tale in which we compared both worlds in a creative manner. We created a series of posts and video materials in which we showed the contrast between both regions. For the purpose of the promotion campaign, we created a package of materials along with a unique cover photo and a series of gifs with cocktails based on particular vodkas. The tasteful graphic design referred to the world of Belvedere, the nature and super premium products.





The promotion campaign for Belvedere Single Estate Rye proved that a credible tale can be told about the terroir not only in the case of wine or whisky, but also in the case of vodka. However, three elements need to be combined: a unique product full of passion, a credible and an engaging history and an attractive graphic layout. The combination of these components effectively increases the chance to attract the consumer's attention.