On the top of the fashion cooperation wave


We created the campaign #ShapeYourStory for the Surf Inc. brand, in which passions, people and places shape the most interesting tales. NoMonday is responsible for its concept, the sales landing page (the visual layer), communication in social media, mailings and is coordinating PR actions.


Surf Inc. is a young Polish streetwear brand created by the enthusiasts of surfing for whom the most important thing is the authenticity of communication, the top quality of products as well as the exceptional community brought together by the brand. Its members include people who value comfort and high quality of their clothes. These are people who love the sun, the wind and water sports, for whom independence, originality and freedom are of considerable significance. When the Surf Inc. brand turned to us for a new campaign promoting The Classy Collection, we caught the wind in our hair and we took the plunge.







Surfing is not only a sport. It's a lifestyle. It's unrestricted freedom, piece with the nature, pure joy, friendship, authenticity and catching the best wave. Not only on the board but, first of all, in life. It's an element of more than one incredible tale. It's life full of passion, courage and the implementation of the most interesting ideas. If not now, then when?The campaign implemented for the Surf Inc. brand shows everything that's important in the brand's tale and we convince people that it's worth shaping our stories on the basis of authentic emotions, people with whom we feel the best and places we discover. This is best shown by the analog photo shoot on Sardinia by Paweł Kwiatkowski and Dominik Gralak. The photos include authentic surfers who are friends and ambassadors of the brand at the same time.



We developed the concept and the graphic layout for the Surf story landing page as part of the campaign's actions. Apart from climatic photos, we posted exceptional photos of characters from the photo shoot. To facilitate the purchase process, we placed references on lifestyle photos promoting the new collection which bring the user directly to the store and enable them to buy the selected product.






We also use the brand's social channels in the campaign: Facebook and Instagram. Posts with photos from Sardinia published there perfectly show the idea behind the #ShapeYourStory campaign, contain references to the landing page and the store with the brand's new collection.







An important element of our actions is the cooperation with the brand's ambassadors who effectively build the community of Surf Inc. fans. Nina Wadowska from the company Magda Bulera ( is responsible for this area.What's important, all influencers are surfers which helps to create authentic and consistent communication. The ambassadors of Surf Inc. included, among others, the founders of a surfing school located on the Hel Peninsula – Krzysiek Sikora and Krzysztof Jędrzejak, who also takes photos of surfers on the Baltic Sea, Hanna Szymańska – a graphic artist, surfer and traveler, Izabela Matykiewicz – a kitesurfer running a kitesurfing school on the Zanzibar island, Dominik Gralak – a surf photographer and the owner of a surfing school in Portugal as well as Paweł Bober –  a wakeboarder and the champion of Poland in the Masters category.


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